Top Ten GIFS of February 2012

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The worlds worst tattoos

Top Ten GIFS of February 2012

This months gifs will surely make you hackle and cackle your asses off. And remember: bad grammar results in errorists.

10 / Video Game Dancing

10 Video Game Dancing

9 / Chunk Freakout

9 Goonies

8 / FOOD FIGHT!  John Belushi Animal House

8 John Belushi Animal House

7 / Spank me long time

You’re a bad bad girl, aren’t you. Yes you are.

7 Dancing Girl Gif

6 / Conan The Raver Barbarian

Ya know that scary thing is that there are types like this at raves. They take their dancing seriously.

6 Arnold the raver

5 / Dancing Asian Woman Doing Laundry On Ecstasy


 5 Dancing asian woman

4 /  Badass Asian Kung Fu Woman Killer

Pms perhaps?


3 /  Jesus: The World’s First Zombie

Think about it, he died and rose from the dead, if that is not what a zombie is, then what is? And if he was a zombie, what is the chronicle of Jesus the zombie?

3 baby eating jesus

2 / Smoking Baby

“…and don’t call him “baby”, he don’t like that when people call him that. Last babysitter was found stuffed with diapers.”

2 baby smoking

1 /Carlton Dance  ( Fresh prince of bel air)

The one single epic TV moment in the last decade that revitalized Tom Jones’ ancient career.

1 carlton dance


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